Our Ales

Pershore Brewery Real & Craft Ales:

We produce all of our ales for Cask or Bottles. Terms and Conditions of sale can be found here.

Summertime – 3.8% ABV

A golden ale, gently mashed with pure pale malts and three varieties of hops – goldings, juggles and north down. This is a light and refreshing ale, no matter what time of year you enjoy it.

Croft – 4.2% ABV

A bitter hoppy pale ale, mashed with pale and crystal malts, and three varieties of hops – cascade, chinook and willamette. This is a medium bodied session ale.


Pershore Pale Ale (IPA) – 4.5% ABV

A classis India Pale Ale, using English pale and crystal malts and English hops: Golding and Fuggles.

This Pale Ale is amber in colour, has a delicate yes classic rounded flavours and light floral aroma. This is a refreshing pale ale providing a refreshing hoppy taste.



Oh Betty (Juniper Ale) – 5.0% ABV

Oh Betty is a rich amber ale, with distinct floral aroma and, on first taste, has a delicate yet citrus bitterness, whilst finishing the palette with a dry Juniper hit.


Elder May – 3.8% ABV

AWARD WINNING – SIBA light speciality ales May 2018

Elderflower blond ale, brewed with Pilsner and Cara Blond in the mash, Cascade hops at all stages in the copper and elderflower late additions.

Black Moon Porter – 5.0% ABV


AWARD WINNING – SIBA mid-dark cask speciality ales May 2018. SIBA Bronze Award

A light Porter with deep roasted and dark chocolate maltiness, whilst providing a hoppy aftertaste and a very light glow of ginger and lemongrass to lift the taste.



It Takes 2 to Mango 5.5% ABV

This is a delicious tropical ale, using fresh mango and

complimented with three fruity and balanced hops; it has aromas that will take you to the tropical Brazilian Copacabana beach. A rich deep golden ale that will leave your taste buds dancing.





Man in a Hat, 4.8% ABV

The pale ale has an abundance of high-alpha bittering hops (Nugget and Galena) and packed full of Cascade (US) aroma hops. The Hop mixture provides an earthy, yet aromatic citrus flavour with undertones of grapefruit and a floral hit on the nose.

Seasonal Ales:

New Craft Ale for Winter 2017-2018:

Winter Warrior



A special winter ale; coming in at 5% ABV, heavily hopped to help keep away those winter blues. Chestnut in colour, incorporating Pale, Crystal and Roasted Barley malts.




Winter 2015- 2016: A Winters ‘Ale (& Jingle Hops) – 4.6%

A Winter ale (and Jingle Hops), heavily hopped to keep away those winter blues. Brewed with pilsner malts and lots of pumpkin to give colour and depth, with a twist of cinnamon, all spice, ginger and vanilla to keep things spicy and warm.



Wobbly Angel – 4% ABV

A session ale, exclusively brewed for The Angel Hotel, Pershore. Utilising three different malt types and two distinctive high alpha-acid hops for bittering and aroma. A careful mixture of UK and US hops delivers a clean crisp bitterness with spicy, fresh, pine, floral and berry aroma’s.




Piggy in the Piddle 4.5% ABV

Produced exclusively for The Anchor, Wyre Piddle and The Leopard, Leamington Spar

This classic India Pale Ale is brewed with English males (Pale and Crystal) and English hops (Goldings and Fuggles).  Amber in colour, this IPA has a delicate yet classic rounded flavour with a light floral aroma. 

To be enjoyed with food or simply on its own.


We are now listing allergens on all our cask labels, and will be applying information on the reverse of our pump clips for both bar staff and customers, to keep them fully updated on allergens in our ales.

Allergens in our bottled ales are clearly displayed on the reverse of the labels.

A full list of allergen information can be found here >>